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Info Sheet: LigaSure Maryland Jaw Thoracic Device Robotic-Assisted

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1. Based on internal report #RE00147462, Pulmonary sealing claims for the LigaSure™ LF1930T device. March 29, 2018.­

2. Based on internal test report #RE00100005, Marketing validation of LF1930T: LigaSure™ Maryland jaw thoracic vessel sealer/divider, Houston and Lexington, MA; independent­ surgeon feedback collected during porcine labs. Jan. 17–18 and Jan. 23–24, 2018.­

3 Based on internal report #RE00100005. LIG-45 memo, device length recommendation, thoracic (LF1930T). Feb. 6, 2018.­

4. Based on internal report #RE00125866. Jaw force and gap range burst pressure evaluation of EB4 thoracic Maryland device (LF1930T): conducted on bovine tissue. Nov. 20–21, 2017 and Nov. 27–30, 2017.­

5. Based on internal report #RE00134865. Burst pressure verification of pulmonary bovine veins (LF1930T). Jan. 17–18, 2018.