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Capnography Monitoring: How to Get the Most from Your Microstream™ Technology

Capnography monitoring helps you save lives. Did you know it can also save you money?1 By offering you early warnings of respiratory compromise and opportunities to provide care sooner, it may help lead to a reduction in adverse events.2

In fact, more than 80,000 patients have been safely monitored with Microstream™ capnography monitoring.3 

This blog article highlights seven more ways you get added value from Microstream™ technology across the continuum of care.

A complete capnography system engineered for accuracy, reliability, and ease of use

The Smart Alarm for Respiratory Analysis™ algorithm (SARA) is engineered into our Microstream™ capnography monitors and designed to reduce insignificant, nuisance alarms by 53 percent.4

And here are some additional intended benefits of the Microstream™ technology portfolio:

  • Capnostream™ 20p bedside monitor provides a complete measurement of oxygenation and ventilation status.
  • Capnostream™ 35 portable respiratory monitor provides continuous, noninvasive, real-time respiratory status monitoring of etCO2, SpO2, respiration rate, and pulse rate.
  • Our intubated and nonintubated etCO2 sampling lines are designed for use with Microstream™ capnography monitors and multiparameter monitors enabled with Microstream™ technology for adult, pediatric, and neonate patients.

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Five-year warranty coverage: We stand behind our Microstream™ capnography solutions

We believe in protecting your investment from the start. That’s why Microstream™ capnography monitors have a five-year warranty. Other manufacturers typically offer one year.

What’s the value of a five-year warranty? It depends, but the tangible and intangible costs can add up, especially in situations when you may not have a monitor on hand when you need it. Five years of coverage — and loaners when you need them — can offer peace of mind and minimize overall cost of ownership. And the warranty stands on our Microstream™ technology when using a multiparameter patient monitor from most of our OEM partners. All Microstream™ technology products have been validated and verified as a system. Warranty, accuracy, and indemnification apply only to Microstream™ technology.

Quality enhancement programs and profitability initiatives

We care about customer quality initiatives. We offer programs like the Outcomes Pledge Program (OPP) and Alarm Analysis Program to support quality improvement and profitability initiatives:

  • Outcomes Pledge Program — our Outcomes Pledge Program is a collaborative and long-term partnership designed to address healthcare complications that result in poor outcomes and higher costs. This outcome-based partnership follows clinical protocols, clinician education, and targeted goals to help improve clinical outcomes.
  • Alarm Analysis Program looking to reduce your alarms? By analyzing the frequency of device alarms under your current settings, we can work with you to optimize alarm settings. This helps create better focus without missing any clinically significant alarms.

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Clinical education to support your clinical staff

We offer value beyond products with education to support clinical staff — CE credit offerings, online professional and clinical education (PACE) courses, CapnoAcademy, clinical articles, educational blogs, and our Nurse Bulletin.

Our PACE program includes:

  • Accredited and nonaccredited content that covers patient care topics, guidelines, and protocols — available online and through in-person courses, downloadable PDFs, podcasts, videos, and webinars
  • Live events featuring peer-to-peer presentations from doctors, respiratory therapists, nurses, and other clinicians
  • Approximately 80 key opinion leader (KOL) events available globally. With patient safety at the center of these programs, your peers share insights, experiences, best practices, and “how to” guidance on implementing technology and protocols. Many events are accredited.

Our PACE team and healthcare experts keep adding content to our catalog to stay current with new guidelines, technologies, and best practices. Whether you need accreditation hours or just want to learn more about a topic, you can sort courses by care setting, clinical discipline, technology, and other filters.

Training and support programs — before and after the sale

We are always available to meet your needs when they come up. We provide onsite training and clinical support, online support, on-demand product video tutorials, and programs like Quick Assist.

We understand that you experience nurse turnover on a regular basis. We are invested in making sure every new nurse you bring onboard has access to onsite training and support.

Strong OEM and distributor partnerships

We have strong channel relationships. Our OEM and distribution partnerships are long-standing and offer us greater opportunity to help meet customer expectations. Our OEM and distributor partners know and trust our Microstream™ technology solutions.

These partnerships are another way to meet more clinician and patient needs. Our partnerships with these companies help us ensure accuracy, reliability, and ease of use of your capnography monitoring. And our OEM partner solutions are backed by a global team of clinical, engineering, training and marketing professionals — ensuring advanced technology, education and collaboration with people you know and trust.

Contract options

We support your need for flexibility and choice. In today’s financial environment, we offer creative solutions that offer flexibility to acquire capital.

Contact your local sales representative for more information.


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Shelly Greenhaw is a monitoring sales specialist for Medtronic’s Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions portfolio. In this role, she assists healthcare organizations with the optimization and advancement of outcomes-based solutions for respiratory compromise. Her goals are to assist clinicians in earlier identification and recognition of respiratory decline, improvement of workflow efficiencies and patient outcomes, and enhancement of supply chain stewardship across the company’s patient monitoring portfolio.

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