Understanding Respiratory Compromise

Respiratory compromise is a common, costly, and often deadly progression into respiratory insufficiency, failure, and arrest.

It is preventable in the majority of patients through early detection and intervention.1 

Watch a short animation from the Respiratory Compromise Institute about how you can protect your patients.

1. Morris TA, Gay PC, MacIntyre NR, et al. Respiratory compromise as a new paradigm for the care of vulnerable hospitalized patients. Respir Care. 2017;62(4):497–512.

To learn more about Respiratory Compromise, take a look at these helpful resources:

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About the Author

Greg Spratt

Greg Spratt BS RRT CPFT is a respiratory therapist and former Director of Market Development at Medtronic. Greg has over 25 years’ clinical experience working with respiratory compromise across the healthcare continuum, has published articles in numerous pulmonary journals and periodicals, and presented internationally on improving solutions for patients with breath difficulties.

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