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Respiratory Compromise Leads to Poor Outcomes

Respiratory compromise (RC) on the medical/surgical general care floor (GCF) is a common occurrence that may lead to poor outcomes. For example, when patients experience a respiratory rate less than 6, the odds of death are more than 14 times higher.1

Click here to download an infographic on RC occurrence on the GCF and click here to watch a video on why RC is such an important problem requiring improved solutions. 

TOPIC: Respiratory Compromise

1. Buist M, Bernard S, Nguyen TV, Moore G, Anderson J. Association between clinically abnormal observations and subsequent in-hospital mortality: a prospective study. Resuscitation. 2004;62(2):137–141.

About the Author

Greg Spratt BS RRT CPFT is a respiratory therapist and former Director of Market Development at Medtronic. Greg has over 25 years’ clinical experience working with respiratory compromise across the healthcare continuum, has published articles in numerous pulmonary journals and periodicals, and presented internationally on improving solutions for patients with breath difficulties.

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