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New Shiley™ Tracheostomy Tube Enhancements Support Clinician Care of Smaller Patients

Caring for the smallest and youngest of patients requires unique equipment and support. Our enhanced Shiley™ pediatric tracheostomy tube portfolio is tailored specifically for the distinct anatomy of pediatric airways .

The Shiley™ tracheostomy solutions build off of our legacy portfolio, which upholds 40 years of positive patient care. The enhanced clinician-inspired design of the new tracheostomy tube uses a wide range of simple and smart advances. The Shiley™ tracheostomy tubes provide a secure, patent airway further supporting the delivery of care to your patients.

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What are the enhanced pediatrics patient benefits with the Shiley™ tracheostomy tubes?

Meeting specific pediatric needs enhances the care and comfort of this especially sensitive patient population. The Shiley™ pediatric tracheostomy redesign uses a softer, non-DEHP material. Traditional tracheostomy tubes are commonly made with firm PVC material, using a more rigid flange. The softer tubing allows for more flexible pliability and may lessen patient irritation.1

The Shiley™ pediatric tracheostomy tubes also feature a transparent recessed flange. This may help reduce inferior stoma irritation and allow airflow around the stoma.2 The transparency of this new flange allows better visibility of the stoma area and debris that may be gathering to cause redness and discomfort for the patient.2

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How do you benefit from the new ShileyTM flexible tracheostomy tubes?

Achieving better outcomes for your patients is of vital importance. And redesigning the Shiley™ pediatric tracheostomy tubes improve the healthcare experience for you, too.

The Shiley™ tube includes:

  • Low-volume, low-pressure TaperGuard™ cuff redesign with specific taper angle, material3
  • Wall thickness, which have been shown in bench top testing to improve seal performance3

Compared to previous designs, the TaperGuard™ cuff reduces fluid leakage past the cuff by 94.8 percent compared to the previous Shiley™ pediatric design.4† Additionally, the Shiley™ tube reduces removal force by 58.3 percent from legacy designs.5†

Caring for your smaller patients and ensuring not only their safety, but also their comfort, is key to your care delivery. The redesigned flexible flange is designed to increase patient comfort.4 Using a recessed flange reduces skin contact and can lessen the risk of skin breakdown.4

The new Shiley™ tracheostomy tube solutions are also engineered to offer an expanded range of product sizes to accommodate the many different sizes of pediatric patients.

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Innovation — built on a strong legacy

The legacy product provides continual patient care today. With the pediatrics patient population, we’re committed to enhancements that may promote better patient outcomes.

We encourage feedback on all of our products to help us innovate and work together with you, as partners. The better service we provide clinicians translates to a better patient experience. Shiley™ pediatric tracheostomy tubes are designed to improve the healthcare experience for both you and your patients.

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† Previous ShileyTM tracheostomy tubes refers to Shiley DCT, DCFS, DCFN, DFEN, LPC, CFS, CFN, FEN and Perc tracheostomy tubes.

1. Based on internal bench testing. Comparative removal force test performed using the Shiley™ 4.0PCF and 6.5PLCF Pediatric Tracheostomy Tubes with taper-shaped cuff vs. the predicate Shiley™ 4.0PDC and 6.5PLC pediatric tracheostomy tubes with barrel-shaped cuff.
2. Based on internal bench testing. Comparative fluid seal test performed using the Shiley™ 4.0PCF and 6.5PLCF pediatric tracheostomy tubes with taper-shaped cuff vs. predicate Shiley™ 4.0PDC and 6.5PLC pediatric tracheostomy tubes with barrel-shaped cuff.
3. Goplan P, Browning ST. Accuracy of finger-tip palpated tracheostomy tube cuff pressure readings among otolaryngologists. J Layngol Otol. 2005;119(6):461–464.
4. Based on internal bench top testing results. Shiley™ flexible tracheostomy tubes v legacy Shiley™ pediatric tracheostomy tubes.
5. Based on internal testing. Comparative ventilator air leak test performed using the Shiley™ 4.0PCF and 6.5PLCF pediatric tracheostomy tubes with taper-shaped cuff vs. predicate Shiley™ 4.0PDC and 6.5PLC pediatric tracheostomy tubes with barrel-shaped cuff.

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