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Meet Our Blog Contributors

In today’s complex health environment, you need experience, expertise, and insight to help you navigate the dynamic, ever-changing healthcare landscape. Each week, we publish new content on our blog that provides the latest news, tips, and insights on respiratory care, respiratory monitoring, and anesthesia monitoring.

Our contributors provide valuable experience that helps you tackle healthcare related issues. Discover blog articles written by our clinical product team. These insightful bloggers have an average of 14 years of experience between them — as respiratory therapists, registered nurses, and hospital administrators.1

Read the bios below to get to know our valued contributors that share the insight you need to problem solve — and keep your patients safe.

Meet your clinical partners

Martina Blaho RN, BSN is a senior market development clinical specialist at Medtronic.

Michael Bratt is a NICU/PICU clinical specialist for our Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions portfolio. As a registered RT (RRT) he’s covered all facets of respiratory care including: neo, ped, and adult. Michael has also worked in areas of care including ER, ICU, NICU, PICU, hyperbaric oxygen, and home care.

Shayna Bryant, BHS, RRT is a graduate from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She has a bachelor’s degree in respiratory care and has been a respiratory therapist for more than 19 years. Shayna also has experience in adult, neonatal and pediatric critical care and level one trauma emergency as a bedside respiratory therapist. She’s currently a clinical product specialist covering Nebraska and Iowa.

Mandi Gross is a NICU/PICU clinical specialist for our Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions portfolio. She’s also a registered nurse (RN) with more than 20 years’ experience in the medical field. And, Mandi has worked in many care areas including: NICU, PICU, L&D, mother/baby, and is a past member of the neonatal transport team.

Melissa Worthington is a clinical product specialist for Microstream™ capnography, Nellcor™ pulse oximetry, and Vital Sync™ remote monitoring systems. Before that, she was an adult cardiac/labor and delivery RN in Columbus, Ohio, and also was a keynote speaker at Respiratory Therapy Symposiums in Dayton, Ohio. 

Your sales partners

Michael W. DeWan is a portfolio manager for our Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions. He has 12 years in the medical device industry. Michael uses his expertise to develop financial and contractual strategies that help independent distribution networks deliver the best patient outcomes, across the care continuum. He guides healthcare providers toward monitoring solutions like Nellcor™ pulse oximetry, Microstream™ capnography, and Vital Sync™ remote monitoring. And he promotes clinical decision support, INVOS™ regional oximetry, Puritan Bennett™ ventilation, BIS™ brain monitoring, and the McGrath™ MAC video largyngoscope.

Skylar Kangas has held multiple sales and leadership roles at Medtronic over the past nine years. He’s currently the regional business manager for the Pacific Northwest. 

Saul Marquez is a Chicago native and medical device sales leader with 12 years’ experience. He’s currently the senior regional business manager in the Midwest region for our Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions portfolio. He’s passionate about helping customers improve outcomes and increase patient safety with the technology and solutions we’ve developed.

Brett Swidey is an account manager for the Shiley™ airway portfolio in the upper Midwest. That portfolio includes Shiley™ tracheostomy, Shiley™ endotracheal tubes, and DAR™ breathing systems. He also works with clinicians and care teams to help develop solutions and protocols to improve patient outcomes. 

Nick Pozderac is the sales training manager for patient monitoring in North America. Before coming to Medtronic, Nick treated patients in the pre-hospital environment and was a clinician in the hospital. He also served additional healthcare related roles in many different areas of care.

Additional commercial partners

Jackson Adams is an operating room market strategist for our Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions.

Lindsay Alexander is a content marketing strategist dedicated to developing content and strategy for the medical-surgical floor, procedural sedation, and EMS areas of care. She does this specifically for our Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions portfolio.

Jessica Carideo is a commercial marketing strategist focused on intensive care (ICU/NICU/PICU) and post-acute settings including skilled nursing/long-term care/homecare. Jessica also develops content marketing strategies in these areas of care for our Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions portfolio. 

April De Crescentis is a market strategist focused on long-term care, homecare, and EMS markets. Previously, April was the product and marketing manager for tracheostomy and ventilation products.

Gina Farquharson is a senior technical consultant for global marketing/market development specializing in capnography. Gina began her Medtronic career as a ventilator account manager.

Connor Fox is a product specialist for BIS™ brain monitoring technology and INVOS™ regional oximeter.

Kolleen Konecny is a product specialist for the Vital Sync™ remote monitoring and clinical decision support solution.

Mindy Kupper is a product specialist for the airways portfolio, including Shiley™ tracheostomy tubes and the McGRATH™ MAC video largyngoscope. 

Michal Marach is the product manager for our ventilation business.

Caitlin Mayer is the customer loyalty strategist focused on developing education and value-add programs for customers of our Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions. Before taking on that role, Caitlin was marketing manager for the Vital Sync™ remote monitoring and clinical decision support solution.

Rebecca Mongeon is a market strategist for value-based healthcare and the c-suite at Medtronic. She develops strategies and solutions to help hospital executives navigate healthcare transformations from fee for service to fee for value.

Ray Mundy is the director of our sustainable technologies. He has a background in critical care nursing and more than 15 years’ experience working with Microstream™ capnography. Ray uses his expertise to provide technical solution support across the care continuum. 

Michael Noble is a market strategist for the medical-surgical and procedural sedation areas of care in the hospital. He develops strategies to help clinicians ensure patient safety with continuous monitoring solutions like Microstream™ capnography, Nellcor™ pulse oximetry, and Vital Sync™ monitoring clinical decision support.

Greg Spratt, BS RRT CPFT is a respiratory therapist and director of market development. He has more than 25 years’ clinical experience working with respiratory compromise across the healthcare continuum. And has published articles in numerous pulmonary journals and periodicals, as well as presented internationally on improving solutions for patients with breath difficulties.

Scott Stoneburner is a principal medical affairs specialist who focuses on disseminating evidence-based information for our Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions franchise.

1. Medtronic Internal Data, RMS Monitoring Clinical Product Specialist Team, Qualtrics, August 2019.

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About the Author

Lindsay Alexander is a Content Marketing Strategist focused on content and strategy development for the Medical-Surgical (General Care Floor), Procedural Sedation, and EMS areas of care for Medtronic’s Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions portfolio.

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