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Is the Outcomes Pledge Program Too Good to Be True?

Medtonic Outcomes Pledge Program

Our Outcomes Pledge Program is a collaborative and long-term partnership designed to address healthcare complications that result in poor outcomes and higher costs. This outcome-based partnership follows clinical protocols, clinician education, and targeted goals to help improve clinical outcomes.

We offer three program options that:

  • Target reductions in respiratory compromise events on the medical-surgical floor
  • Help reduce major morbidity and operative mortality in the operating room
  • Reduce time on mechanical ventilation in the ICU by adding monitoring and ventilation technology engineered to help reduce adverse events

Supported by clinically relevant metrics, the program options are structured to help improve clinical outcomes. If you meet the program requirements but don’t reach targeted goals, you’ll receive a rebate.

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Why Is Medtronic Offering the Outcomes Pledge Program?

Respiratory compromise, major morbidity and operative mortality, and time on mechanical ventilation bring associated costs. We want to help you lower those costs ― and improve outcomes.

We believe the current healthcare system is not sustainable and needs to be transformed to control rising healthcare costs. We understand and support that healthcare system leaders around the world will implement value-based healthcare delivery and payment systems. This shift means that payment for our products and services may be contingent on how well our technologies improve patient outcomes and lower costs. We want to actively help lead this transformation.

The Outcomes Pledge Program isn’t a product performance guarantee. Rather, it was designed with intent to foster a working partnership to improve clinical and financial outcomes in defined patient populations.

Obviously, we may benefit from the sales associated with this program. The products and services involved include Microstream™ capnography, INVOS™ regional oximetry, and Puritan Bennett™ ventilation. But at the end of the day, our primary goal is a deeper level of partnership with your organization.

How Much Does the Outcomes Pledge Program Cost?

When organizations consider participating in our Outcomes Pledge Program, their first concern is usually cost.

There is no cost to participate, but your organization may need to acquire additional equipment to meet program requirements. And you will need to pay for the single-use consumables product component.

Defining the right Outcomes Pledge Program scope for each participating organization involves several factors. Pricing for the equipment required to participate varies depending on your organization’s size and the amount of equipment needed for the intended patient population.

Your local sales representative can provide personalized quotations for your organization. Read about equipment costs for these examples:

Are You Sure This Outcomes Pledge Program Isn’t Too Good to Be True?

We believe that this program will improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. We believe this so strongly that we will pledge a substantial rebate if you meet program requirement but we don’t jointly achieve the intended program targets. We know you want to lower complication rates and improve outcomes in your facility. And we know you probably don’t have the time or resources to figure out how. That’s where we can help.

The program requires a commitment from both of us to succeed. Your hospital must establish a clinical protocol, agree to share data with us, participate in quarterly reviews, and ensure that participating staff members complete the required training and education. In turn, we will support you in all these activities.

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If the Outcomes Pledge Program Is So Wonderful, Why Doesn’t Everyone Participate?

Because this program doesn’t fit all customers’ needs. Customers vary in their readiness to adopt new technology and capabilities for EMR integration and data extraction. Not every customer is ready to take on the program or its reporting requirements.

Is your organization ready? Let us walk you through the program options and provide details on how you can help elevate the standard of care for your patients ― and lower costs.

For more information or to discuss the highlights of the program, contact us.

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