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How Nellcor™ Pulse Oximetry Support, Services, and Complimentary Education Deliver Value


What can you expect as a user of Nellcor™ pulse oximetry with OxiMaxTM technology and as a member of the Medtronic community? Continued support and dedication to your success. We deliver ongoing value to our customers in many ways — complimentary education, training, peer-to-peer events, U.S.-based technical support, and more.

This blog article describes services designed to save you time and money, build your professional knowledge and skills, and help you provide informed patient care. And it provides links for you to learn more and to offer feedback.

A dedicated clinical product support team

Some companies may provide initial product training but charge for ongoing education — requiring more of your budget. We offer clinical education support with field-based product specialists at no extra charge. Our clinical field team of experienced clinicians includes many former nurses and respiratory therapists — who can directly relate to your daily challenges. They’ll work with you to tailor education and training programs. Because they are located throughout the U.S., they can respond and assist you in different areas including:

  • Alarm management tools and settings to help reduce nuisance alarms
  • Proper sensor placement and application
  • Knowledge of specialty sensors and their uses
  • Effective and accurate monitoring in difficult patient situations such as motion and poor perfusion
  • New or updated industry guidelines

To help support your hospital objectives, the clinical field team can share best practices and may be able to share information about what other hospitals or countries are doing. They may also weigh in on patient satisfaction issues.

Also, the clinical field team can help clinicians educate patients about pulse oximetry — to generally explain how it works, address concerns, and enhance patient comfort.

What if Nellcor™ pulse oximetry with Oximax™ technology is integrated into an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) system rather than a stand-alone Nellcor™ pulse oximetry monitor? The clinical field team can still offer the same level of support.

U.S.-based Nellcor™ pulse oximetry technical help

Our goal is to make technical support as easy and efficient as possible. Our U.S.-based technical service support center has been around since the inception of our Nellcor™ pulse oximetry more than 30 years ago. Many of the technical product specialists have clinical backgrounds and are available by phone and email to answer questions and resolve issues. In fact, more than 87 percent of callers are typically on hold for less than 30 seconds.1,2

Conversations with our technical product specialists aren’t scripted. They actually listen and ask questions in order to fully understand how they can best support you. When necessary, they can replicate problems on the same monitors you use to experience your issue. All technicians are cross-trained on all of our patient monitoring products to ensure a positive experience the first time and every time.

For issues that require our technicians to work directly on your monitor, we’ll provide the shipping label so you can easily mail it to us. We even include a replacement monitor that we overnight to you.

When you need help, we’re here for you by phone at 1-800-Nellcor or online. Reach out to us and learn more about Nellcor™ pulse oximetry product support.

Online Nellcor™ pulse oximetry support resources

Customer support resources are in one location to help save you time. The Nellcor™ pulse oximetry support website offers:

  • FAQs and links to educational courses
  • Product manuals
  • Sensor application guides and hang tags
  • Hardware user guides
  • Add-on software
  • Maintenance/support services.

Visit our online NellcorTM Pulse Oximetry Support Resources.

On the site, you can view and download documents, request complimentary digital copies of product-related information, submit online service tickets, and sign up for courses. If you prefer getting you items mailed, just submit a request and receive resources quickly at no charge.

The FAQs cover a lot of topics, but if your question isn’t answered, just use the online form to submit it. We’ll respond to you directly. Or, contact the Technical Service Support Center for immediate help.

The online catalog describes more than 120 educational opportunities — continue reading below for more information.

Explore the Nellcor™ pulse oximetry support website.

Nellcor™ Pulse Oximetry Clinical Training and Education

Build your knowledge and skills with free learning opportunities. Our professional and clinical education (PACE) program includes:

  • Accredited and nonaccredited content that covers patient care topics, guidelines, and protocols — available online and through in-person courses, downloadable PDFs, podcasts, videos, and webinars
  • Live events featuring peer-to-peer presentations from doctors, RTs, nurses, and other clinicians

Approximately 80 key opinion leader (KOL) events are available globally. With patient safety at the center of these programs, your peers share insights, experiences, best practices, and “how to” guidance on implementing technology and protocols. Many events are accredited. All inspire positive reviews. On a scale of one to five, with five being the highest, KOL events earn an average participant rating of 4.93.

Our PACE team and healthcare experts keep adding content to our catalog to stay current with new guidelines, technologies, and best practices. Whether you need accreditation hours or just want to learn more about a topic, you can sort courses by care setting, clinical discipline, technology, and other filters.

NellcorTM pulse oximetry offers a five-year warranty 

We believe in protecting your investment from the start. That’s why Nellcor™ pulse oximetry monitors have a five-year warranty. Other manufacturers typically offer one year.

What’s the value of a five-year warranty? It depends, but the tangible and intangible costs can add up, especially in situations when you may not have a monitor on hand when you need it. Five years of coverage — and loaners when you need them — can offer a lot of peace of mind and minimize overall cost of ownership.

Learn more about sensor and monitor warranties. And understand the factors that contribute to long-term pulse oximetry utilization costs.

More value for Nellcor™ pulse oximetry customers

Delivering excellent patient care depends on a lot of things, including efficient workflows, timely information, and flexibility. Our investments in technology, services, and partnerships are designed around these priorities:

  • Nellcor™ pulse oximetry analytics tool. Data insights can enhance your research, clinical studies, and education. This complimentary tool, which you can download, allows you to transfer patient data from your Nellcor™ pulse oximetry monitors to a computer. Then you can view and analyze data for one or more patients, as well as customize data displays, graphs, and reports. The data insights can help you make even more informed patient care decisions, like identifying who may need a sleep study or home oxygen support.
  • Alarm analysis program. By analyzing the frequency of device alarms under your current settings, we can work with you to optimize alarm settings. That helps to create better focus without missing any clinically significant alarms. This program may considerably reduce your alarms.  If you are interested in participating in an alarm analysis, please contact your Nellcor™ pulse oximetry representative.
  • Nellcor™ SatSeconds alarm management. Controlled through monitor settings, Nellcor™ SatSeconds alarm management is engineered for simple workflow integration. It differentiates between serious hypoxemia and minor transient events — so you can have peace of mind when responding to alarms for patients most in need.
  • OEM solutions. We integrate our pulse oximetry technology into most multiparameter monitors (MPM) — allowing many hospitals to have Nellcor™ pulse oximetry technology no matter which MPM provider is used. Ultimately, this is a way for more clinician and patient needs to be met. Partnerships with other companies ensure your flexibility and ability to use accurate, consistent pulse oximetry monitoring. You’ll receive the same Nellcor™ pulse oximetry training that every customer receives. OEM partner solutions are backed by a global team of clinical, engineering, and marketing professionals, ensuring advanced technology and collaboration with people you know and trust.

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1. Based on internal Medtronic report.  Medtronic Pleasanton, California facility overview. 2018.
2. Based on internal Medtronic report. Medtronic Pleasanton, California technical service overview. 2018.

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