AbsorbaTack™ fixation device brochure

†Bench test results may not be indicative of clinical performance.­

‡Animal data may not correlate with human clinical outcomes.­


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2. Based on internal report #TD1025, Mechanical evaluation of AbsorbaTack™, ProTack™, and SECURESTRAP™ in shear mode using foam media. January 2012.­

3. Based on internal report # RE00003170-2, ReliaTack™ Phase II In-vitro Mass Loss. July 2016.­

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5. Based on internal AbsorbaTack™ Tack Drawing 3010439. May 2008.

AbsorbaTack™ fixation device video
AbsorbaTack™ fixation device video

Fixation Tack Kit Product Card
Fixation Tack Kit Product Card

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